Pax Vaporizer

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Pax Vaporizer

There’s a new portable vaporizer on the market and it goes by the name Pax.  In mythology, Pax Romana/Augusta was known as the goddess of peace.  Ploom, the company behind the Pax vaporizer, is based out of lovely San Francisco, California and being a California native myself, I have a good idea of why they might have decided to name their new portable vaporizer after the Roman goddess of peace.  Regardless of why they chose the seemingly befitting name for their new handheld vaporizer, Pax is one hot commodity that’s got a lot of folks in the vapor community excited.  It’s compact and by compact, I mean this is one really small unit that you’ll have no problem hiding in your pocket when you’re not using it.  The motion sensor allows for the device to be motion activated and controlled.  An indicator light shaped like a star allows for the device to easily convey the status and is also used to emit a light show when the Pax vaporizer party mode is activated.


Vaporizer Temperature

There are three temperature settings to vaporize with and they are basically low, medium, and high.  Those looking for really tasty vapor will likely be inclined to try a lower setting, whereas those interested in dense vapor production will likely opt for the highest vaporizer temperature setting.  The highest temperature is 410 degrees F and the lowest setting is 370 degrees F.  Between the two, you have a nice middle temperature of 390 deg. Fahrenheit.  The yellow light means the unit is operating on the lowest temperature, orange means medium, and red is reserved for the highest temperature.  There is no fan, as the user manually regulates the flow of air through the device.

Ploom Pax

Power & Equipment

The lithium ion rechargeable battery offers about 2 hours of vape time and it only takes about an hour to recharge the battery via the charging dock station.  It comes with instructions and a cleaning kit in addition to the mouthpiece, screen, and charger.


Buy Pax By Ploom

Pax vaporizers are covered by a 10 year Ploom warranty when they’re purchased from authorized distributors.  It’s available in multiple colors and can be purchased online by clicking here to place an order for the Pax vaporizer over the internet.


Pax Vaporizer Video

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